Course 33 CBM

In this section we make available the material of our tutorial course presented on the 33rd Brazilian Mathematical Colloquium.

  • Course Overview

  • Lectures

Lecture 1: “Introduction and Background on Manifolds”

Lecture 2: “Immersive Visualization in Virtual Reality”

Lecture 3: “Riemannian Ray Tracing”

Lecture 4: “Visualization of Classical Non-Euclidean Spaces”

Lecture 5: “Visualization of Nil, Sol, and SL2(R) Spaces

  • Book (Table of Contents)

Full text available through 33 CBM

  • Q&A with the Lecturers at 33 CBM
    (Aug 3rd, 2021 – 11:15 to 12:45 AM)

YouTube Recording